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How do we sell your property ?

Ibiza property market and intermediate estate services can be confusing. 


To sell a property well, we value knowing the owner personally and establish a trustworthy connection.

1 - Property ID

Fond Ibiza.jpg

A - Valuation 

We use 3 different approaches to determine a property's value:

Method 1 - Sales Comparison Approach​

Method 2 - Cost approach consisting in a separate valuation of the plot and the building

Method 3 - Income Capitalization Approach or rentability approach 

Fond Prepare.jpg

B - Marketing

​We help you present your property to potential buyers for viewings and digital presentation. Our services include:

  • Home staging

    • Declutter

    • Finishing touches, smells & scents

  • Professional presentation

    • pictures

    • Film

    • Drone film

    • Multilingual description

    • Floor-plan.

Fond Represent.jpg

C - Legal check up

​We gather all the legal documentation of your property in order to ease  the selling process .  Our legal team are here  to assist the solving of any legal administration issues.

2 - Presenting your property


A - Targeted clientele and trusted real estate partners​

​We offer your property to a targeted list of our buyers 

With you, we also select the adequate renowned agencies partnership. Our partners will be provided with all the marketing and legal data necessary for efficient promotion.

livving gris bo.jpeg

B - The viewings 

We present your property at its best: We open all the windows, turn on all the lights and most important, we have clear answers to all the buyers questions.

You will be provided with immediate feedbacks after each viewing.

3- The Sale

Boussole fair2.jpg

A - Communication with the buyer


We are in complete charge of the final stages of the sale, insuring the buyer feels at all time assisted and reassured.

toupie gris bo mecanisque.jpeg

B - Final administration

Our team will assist the administrative gestion of sales contracts.

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